Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Revolutionary Greetings to you all Cdes and friends

To all those who are on vacation we hope you are enjoying your vacation and to those who have started we believe you have started well your term/semester. We understand that this vacation has been a bit long and some have been wondering "where is ASAZ?" or what happened to the revolutionary union of genuine representation?.......We have been working flat out to keep the flame of the revolution alive and what we can promise you Cdes and Friends is that expect greater things this coming year 2012-2013. You entrusted your current leaders to work with  you and they have been out and about trying to make sure that you get the best that you deserve as a generation of ROYALTY....which has AUTHORITY......

Lets brace ourselves for this coming year and prepare to experience the most exciting representation that has never been seen in Zimbabwe after the Jongwe Era....


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

University of Zimbabwe SRC official election results

(a) SEC Election Results
1. SEC President: GUMBO AGENCY                   LAW             (980 votes)
2. SEC Vice President: CHISAIRA TINASHE     LAW              (740 votes)
3. SEC Secretary General: SHIRTO GAYNOR  S/STUDIES      (551 votes)
The other candidates who made it into the SEC Secretariat are the top seven runners – up:
4. MUROMBO KOKERAI                    ENGINEERING      (419 votes)
5. CHIKWENJERE BLESSING             CHS                         (302 votes)
6. CHISVO MUGOVE                            S/STUDIES             (216 votes)
7. MLOTSHWA JABULANI                  S/STUDIES             (205 votes)
8. HARUZIVISHE MAKOMBORERO  S/STUDIES             (199 votes)
9. RUKETE PROSPER                            COMMERCE           (184 votes)
10. KABAYA KEITH                             S/STUDIES              (174 votes)

(b) SRA Election Results
1. Chairman: MUTANDADZI HAMLETT                          MBCHB
2. Vice Chairperson: BASIRA TAMBUDZAI                     BA
3. Secretary: CHIDYAUSIKU WESTON                             HSW
4. Vice Secretary: CHIKANDAVHIYA TRYAGAIN              HPOS
Other SRA non – executive members
1. GADYADZA FLORENCE                                                  CROP SCIENCE
2. MUSIKAMBESA NYASHA                                                            AGEC
3. RUWONA JUSTICE                                                                        HAG
4. CHAMISA VICTOR                                                                        HEH
5. NYACHEGA NICHOLAS                                                   HHS
6. CHIMUPERU TINASHE                                                     HACC
7. MURINGAKUMWE BENEDICT                                        BTHM
8. ZANO JESHUA                                                                   HACC
9. MASHONGANYIKA BETTY                                             B.ED PRIMARY
10. BANGA BESON                                                               HEC
11. HOTO TENSON G.                                                                       HEC
12. PHIRI ZEDSON                                                                 HPM
13. MATETE SHORN S.                                                         MBCHB
14. MANASA CHIGWAZA (DRC)                                        SOCIAL WORK
(c) Lessons Drawn from the Elections
1. Positive:
(i) The preparations were thorough to the extent that all the contesting candidates for SRA concurred that the elections were free and fair and even congratulated the Dean of Students and his team for a job well done. All the five SEC Presidential candidates and the fifteen contestants for the position of Secretary General who were present during the counting of votes concurred that the elections were efficiently run and above all were free and fair. They appended their signatures to this effect and congratulated the winners. This is rarely happens in student elections.
(ii) The voting exercise was also a platform for which the faculties upgraded their registers.
(iii) The team spirit which prevailed amongst the various University Departments was just outstanding (Student Affairs, Security, Faculties and Central Services)
2. Negative:
(i) Whenever there is a student related activity on campus, extra security measures ought to be put in place. Particularly for these volatile student elections, presence of State security was mandatory in cases which could prove beyond the capabilities of our local Security Department. This would go a long way in protecting lives and University property. It is sincerely regrettable that there was unwarranted damage to New Lecture 400 entrance doors.
(ii) Funds  permitting, there need to differentiate the colour of ballot papers for the SEC President from those of the SEC Secretary General. This would minimize the mixing up of cast ballot papers within the boxes.
(iii) The counting exercise could be speeded up. This would reduce a lot of anxiety on the part of candidates and the rest of the electorate. This would also help to ensure that the elections business is concluded early to curb the rowdy few who may be bent on violence taking advantage of the darkness of night.

ASAZ is proud to announce that within the SRC it has 5 members, which are :

The sec General - Amy Gaynor Shirto
SRA deputy secretay - Chakandivhiya Tryagain
SRA Disciplinary chairperson - Victor Chamisa
SRA Disciplinary deputy chairperson - Nicholas Nyachega
SRA member - Manasa Chigwanza.

Report compiled by the Dept of student affairs in collaboration with ASAZ Dept of information and publicity.

National spokesperson
Gerald Jaytee Mandisodza.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

to all our fellow cdes who are writing this month... remember that God said...... "Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and inscrutable things which you do not know". (Jer 33:3) May it be that all your hard labor and work, produce 30 fold, 60 fold, moreover a 100 fold. All the best!!!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Launch Pics

A prince ought to have no other aim or thought, nor select anything else for his study, than war and its rules and discipline; for this is the sole art that belongs to him who rules, and it is of such force that it not only upholds those who are born princes, but it often enables men to rise from a private station to that rank. (Niccolo Machiavelli)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011